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Somehow, I have found myself watching Nature on PBS.  Today’s episode “Moment of Impact: Hunters and Herds” focuses on how animals both hunt and protect themselves.  I am quite amazed as I have just learned in a matter of 20 minutes that eagles have eyes that are larger than their brains. Queen ants reproduce constantly – laying over 3 million eggs per day. Jack rabbits have the ability to run at speeds of 40 miles per/hour.  And more than half of all giraffe calfs fall prey to tigers and hyenas. It is amazing how little I know about nature as I sat transfixed before the television enjoying a cup of Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong.

Composition: Oolong tea grown primarily in the foggy and wet mountain regions of China.  There is no milk or milk products contained in this tea.

Dry Visual: Dark green and yellow tightly rolled leaves with brown stems present.  Thanks to Stash Tea for the great photo.

Dry Aroma: A blend of nutty, toasty, creamy almost milky with a mild vegetal aroma.

Flavor: Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong is mild yet flavorful. A lover of oolong tea, Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong has a distinctly different feel in the mouth. It has a thick heavy texture that coats the mouth and tongue. Naturally sweet, I found this tea to delicious and thoroughly enjoyed every sip.  Unlike the dry aroma, Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong did not have a vegetal quality, typical of some oolongs.  Instead it was a unique mixture of toasted creaminess.  However, I was amazed by the changes in flavor as the cup cooled – this oolong became sweeter, slightly vegetal with a floral finish floral.

Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong has a mild astringency that becomes more pronounced throughout the cup and into the next infusion. However, I would never add a sweetener for fear of negatively altering the flavor profile. There is something quite amazing about the nuances found in an unsweetened cup of tea.

Liquor: A pale greenish-yellow hue.

Brewing Time: Stash recommends steeping Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.  I opted for 4 minutes for the first infusion.

Manufacturer: Stash Tea

Caffeine: Yes.

If you have had the opportunity to enjoy a cup of Milk Scented Kinsen Oolong tea, please stop by and share your experience. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!


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WOW! It’s Monday already and even though it may not appear to be true, I have been drinking some new teas this week. Just behind as usual on the posting.

Fortunately, today’s post is not about me as the name suggests. I want to learn about the teas you have been drinking during the past week. What’s new? What’s a favorite and possibly new to me?

Nevertheless, here is what you were drinking last week…

 1. Summer of Felicitea… my poster child for new tea experimentation enjoyed a nice assam, hopefully after seeing this post she’ll provide me with the name and where to purchase. Summer has been trying new teaware and brewing styles this week trying to determine what if any impact it has on some of her favorite teas.  Update: The Assam Summer was drinking is Season’s Pick Mokalbari East FBOP from Upton Tea Imports. Thanks Summer for the update!

2. This week I enjoyed and reviewed Super Irish Breakfast Black Tea and White Monkey Paw Tea. You can read the reviews right here on Tea Escapade by simply clicking the link. Both teas were distinctively different – one being black and the other a cross between white and green tea. Nevertheless, the quality of the White Monkey Paw Tea was superb. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

It seems this week that Summer and I were the only tea lovers drinking new teas. Please visit and share What’s New In Your Cup this week, I cannot wait to share what’s in mine.  Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!

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Good Morning!!! I am excited to post a summary of new teas brewed, tasted, and possibly reviewed by me here at Tea Escapade as well as anyone who visited and commented last week.

It goes without saying that if I am not trying something new, I am drinking my old favorites… Winter White Earl Grey, Peppermint Herbal, or Yellow and Blue. However, if I am drinking something new, I may drink the new brew multiple days in a row. So let’s talk tea…

1. S for Kitchen Confit enjoyed a sublime cuppa Earl Grey Creme by Harney and Sons. I wonder how it compares to my Earl Grey Creme Flavored Black Tea by Teavana?

2. Summer from Felicitea tried Shanti Green Tea by The Simple Leaf last week. “Shared it with a friend who also loved it. Definitely a fantastic green in my book – nice light vegetal taste, with just a hint of grassiness.” Summer also tried Stash’s powdered green tea. “It was… interesting. I’m not sure I’d buy it, but for something quick, light and green tea tasting it worked.” Thanks Summer for sharing! Your experience with the powdered green tea sounds much better than mine. I think I’ll pass on that one. 🙂

3. This week, I had the great pleasure of drinking Honeybush Vanilla – a fantastic creamy yet sweet rooibos and Yerba Mate. Both were amazing! I placed an order with Dragonwater to obtain more as well as a couple other new teas. You can read reviews for both right here on Tea Escapade.

Thanks for sharing what was new in your cup last week. I look forward to hearing and sharing tea experiences. I cannot wait to hear “What’s new in YOUR cup” this week. Until we chat again… Happy Tea Drinking!

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The dawning of a new day evokes the need for a delicious cup of tea. Every time I try a new tea I become conflicted. My love affair with Winter White Earl Grey drives me to drink a cup every day. Yet, my desire to sample new flavors pushed me to brew a cup of Ginger Peach Green Tea.

Come with me on my journey with this flavored tea. Ginger… peach… green tea… what a combination of flavors!


Composition: A green tea with ginger, natural peach flavor, Japanese Matcha, and soy.

Dry Visual:Nothing spectacular – this is not a loose tea. The leaves are fairly green, but very crushed. There is evidence of small white off-white flecks which I assumed to be ginger.

Dry Aroma: Very aromatic the smell of peach dominates. I could not help but sniff the tea bag several times prior to brewing – I was reminded of the delicious nectar found in ripe, juicy, sweet peaches. However, the aroma during steeping changes. While peach is still prevalent, the ginger emerges. 

Flavor: A flavorful brew, the ginger dominates this tea. Unfortunately, the ginger tastes nothing like the sweet, juicy, with a distinct yet surprising spicy kick I am used to when eating fresh ginger. Instead it is almost bitter.  I tasted this tea both with and without sugar. While, the Ginger Peach Green Tea is not my tea of choice the addition of sugar did go a long way to balance the bitterness of the ginger. Just not far enough.

Liquor: The liquor was a light peach colored hue.

Brewing Time: 3-5 minutes recommended. I brewed for 5 minutes.

Manufacturer: Stash Tea
Caffeine: Yes

Ginger Peach Green Tea left me flat. So as not to ruin my normal tea ritual that I thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis, I cleansed my tea mug and palate and brewed a fresh cup of Black Currant tea. One thing I noticed, I am not sure that I really enjoy tea with ginger. If you have experienced a delicious ginger tea let me know. I would love to try it.

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