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Due to vacation, I missed last weeks “What’s New In Your Cup?” This week I am back and ready to share all the new things we’ve been drinking.

I have enjoyed several new teas during these last couple of weeks as I am sure you have as well. So getting to the point, let’s talk about tea…

1. Summer from Felicitea reported that she’s been drinking white tea with lychee fruit. I tried lychee fruit for the first time last month… delicious! Lychee fruit bursts with flavor in your mouth. It is juicy, refreshing and sweet. I can only imagine that this tea is yummy! Summer, you’ll have to provide us with the actual tea name and where it can be purchased. Additionally, Summer has been sipping away at iced Sloth Tea to get through the days. An oldie but goodie! I just tasted Sloth Tea for the first time over the weekend. The review is in progress.

2. Alexis from My Tea Cups was drinking… Formosa Nut Oolong tea from Teavana. “The flavor and aroma are nutty and warming. Would be perfect for a crisp fall morning.” Alexis also enjoyed Lemongreen from Tavalon Tea. “It’s incredibly refreshing, especially when iced. The lemongrass is spicy yet soothing.” Thanks Alexis for the updated information. The Nutty Oolong sounds wonderful and I am drinking my first lemongrass green tea today… it’s called Lemongreen. I can’t wait to review. Ironically it is the same tea you sampled last week.

3. Over the last couple of weeks I enjoyed Chief’s Delight by Native American Tea Company, Orchid Temple Oolong and Sugar Caramel Oolong both by Golden Moon Teas, and finally Darjeeling Goomtee (2nd Flush)by Tea Logic. I cannot say which I enjoyed the most as each one was distinctly different. Check out the reviews here on Tea Escapade.

Thanks for sharing what you have been drinking. I look forward to hearing “What’s New In You Cup?” this week. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!


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It seems like an eternity since I last posted, even though it was only last week. I have been on vacation, so to speak. First my sister entered into holy matrimony last weekend. The nuptials were beautiful even though the event was held in a scary little Mississippi town called Clarksdale. The wedding was held in a church that shares a pastor with another church who is also the science teacher at the local junior high school. Talk about multi-tasking! Never-the-less, I survived the 10 hour drive talking to the hubby (my hubby), blasting the radio, and of course tasting new teas. On the way to hot and humid Mississippi, I enjoyed two cups of Orchid Temple Oolong.

Composition: Hand-crafted Oolong Tea of the Wuyi Mountains of northern Fujian.

Dry Visual: Very green, the color of the Orchid Temple Oolong reminds me of lush green grass. It is pressed into a ball-like form similar to gunpowder tea.

Dry Aroma: Definitely vegetal. I cannot think of another word to describe this tea.

Flavor:  Orchid Temple Oolong has a definite vegetal taste with slightly floral undertones. I was reminded more of a green tea when drinking this very flavorful tea. If my favorite green tea Genmaicha is not available, I would turn to the Orchid Temple Oolong. Containing a natural sweetness, the Orchid Temple Oolong can be enjoyed both with and without sweetener. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I drank half without and the other half with just a dab of honey.

Liquor: A very pale green – depending upon the light is almost yellow.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time 2-3 minutes to wit I brewed for 3 minutes.  
Manufacturer: Golden Moon Tea

Caffeine: Yes

It is not my normal practice to photograph the wet tea leaves after brewing; however, when emptying my tea infuser, I could not help being amazed by the size, shape and caliber of the tea leaves. The large leaf in the picture to your right measured over two inches in length and about an inch wide.

I found Orchid Temple Oolong to be very enjoyable during my drive. I look forward to drinking more teas by Golden Moon Tea. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking! 

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