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I was thrilled to sit tonight and watch a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Considering I’ve missed the last four episodes, you would never know it is one of my favorite television shows.  After experiencing severe separation anxiety from Izzie, McSteamy, Meredith, George, and McDreamy it was inevitable that I needed a fix. Thus tonight, after coming home from work, cooking dinner, and getting my grandmother ready for bed, I sat down in front of the television with a great sense of anticipation and a hot cuppa tea. Tonight’s tea choice… Organic Green Dragon.

Composition: Organic green Dragonwell tea grown in the Zhejiang province of China. 

Dry Visual: Very green, broken tea leaves resembling fresh cut grass. Additional characteristics are hard to discern as Organic Green Dragon is a loose tea in biodegradable nylon sachets.

Dry Aroma: Very vegetal.

Flavor: Organic Green Dragon is a robust green tea. The initial taste was very vegetal, however subsequent flavors consisted of a nutty buttery combination. Actually more buttery than nutty which was quite a surprise. I cannot say that I have tasted a green tea with this combination of flavors. Additionally, Organic Green Dragon was heavy in the mouth, yet not dry.

I found it was necessary to play with steeping times. When steeped for the maximum recommended time Organic Green Dragon was slightly bitter. When steeped for the minimum recommended time, there was no bitterness.  Organic Green Dragon was enjoyable without sweetener, however, a dab of honey would have been a nice addition to this cuppa tea.

Liquor: A beautiful light green hue. The liquor was very clear.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 2 – 3 minutes. I enjoyed two cups of Organic Green Dragon – one of which was brewed for the recommended 2 minutes and the second for 3 minutes.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: Yes.

I always appreciate the opportunity to steep and drink a new tea. If you have enjoyed a cup of Organic Green Dragon, please stop by and share your experience. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!


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