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Leaves swirling, unfurling, floating,

Longing lips, eyes doting

As rolling waves of steaming water

Claim the role of Neptune’s daughter

Transforming the magical leaves of tea

Into a liquor most pleasing to me

The taste of Pu-erh – a smoky brew

But an oolong brings something anew

Smooth, nutty and surprisingly sweet

My heart palpitates for this amazing treat

Lapsong Souchong calls my name

A taste of its pine-roasted liquor is not the same

Green tea, my preference? Genmaicha if you please

Brings my tastebuds to their knees

No Lipton or Tetley tea bags for me

But enticingly mild, loose leaf white tea

A warm tea filled ceramic mug,

Wraps its love around me like a hug.

~ Tea Escapade 

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I was super excited to learn about another free tea offer. Yep – I said… FREE TEA from TEASTA!

Are you in the know about TEASTA? I wasn’t until recently, when one of my online sources recommended I visit the TEASTA website. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in my case I will be the recipient of free tea. TEASTA’ is an artisan whole leaf tea blender and distributor of gourmet loose tea of premium, natural, organic, and fresh ingredients sourced globally and blended, packaged locally in the United States. (I learned that from their website.)

Of course, I am always skeptical of the word FREE, because it is usually followed by “with purchase of”. However, in these economic times, I am little more apt to take a chance.  The free tea offer direct from TEASTA’s website reads…

“If you want to taste one of our available premium teas before purchasing, simply add a maximum of two different sample blends to your cart. Then, use the coupon code below and we will deliver it to you FREE of cost. We will deliver the free tea samples anywhere in the U.S. Expected delivery time would be 7 to 14 business days, sometimes earlier. This offer is for a limited time only, while supplies last! Limit one (1) order per household. Due to the high volume of requests for samples, we reserve the right to hold or cancel any order. However, we will try to accommodate all orders placed. Thank you for your interest in TEASTA&trade Tea.

Browse our available tea by clicking on the type of tea on the top of the site.

Coupon Code: TRYME”

I followed the instructions, which were quite simple and now, I am awaiting two free samples – Papaya Ginger White Tea  and Earl Grey Creme Black Tea. The icing on the cake… even shipping is FREE.Check out the free offer and visit to let me know what you ordered. And later… how your tea tasted. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!

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A few weeks ago, I ordered several new teas from Harney and Sons. My love affair with the Winter White Earl Grey spurned me to try new white tea flavors. This led me to ordering and last night drinking Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips.

Composition: A white tea that uses the terminal buds, no leaves, of tea bushes from Ceylon.

Visual: Very light green and white, almost silvery in spots. Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips is a loose tea.

Dry Aroma: Very aromatic.

Flavor:Very light. I tasted both with and without honey, both were equally as good. If adding a sweetener, tread lightly – this tea has such a light flavor that a sweetener will overpower the tea.
Liquor: Golden
Brewing Time: 5 minutes

Manufacturer: Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Caffeine: Yes

Special Note: This tea does not have a “traditional” tea taste. There is a light natural sweetness. If you prefer a more robust tea, Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips probably is not the tea for you.

What is a Terminal Bud?

The Terminal (apical) bud of a plant is the primary growing point located at the tip of the stem. It is the dominant bud, since it can cause all of the buds below them to remain dormant. 

If you enjoy a light tasting tea, you will certainly enjoy this loose tea from Harney and Sons. You can purchase a sample size packet of Ceylon Vintage Silver Tips to conduct your own personal taste test.

Until then… Happy Tea Drinking! 

Reference: http://www.cactus-art.biz/note-book/Dictionary/Dictionary_T/dictionary_terminal_bud.htm 

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