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It’s finally here… Election Day 2008. Regardless of who you support in the Presidential Race, please vote. There is still time for those of you located in the Western part of the country.

Our votes will truly make a difference… I hope we will discover that Americans came out to vote in record proportions. This is the first time in the history of the United States that both a woman and an African American have the opportunity to be the Vice President and/or Vice President respectively. Never in my lifetime did I expect to see either.

As I sit here, blogging, twittering, and doing homework my television is glued to CNN. With anxious anticipation I am closely monitoring the election results. In consideration of the fact that this is a tea blog, I do not plan to post minute by minute, blow by blow, detailed by detailed results. Instead I plan to sit comfortably albeit on pins and needles eagerly awaiting the culmination of the presidential race while drinking a cup of tea.

Are you watching the election coverage? Are you glued to the television? Are you uncontrollably giddy about being part of history? And by the way, what are you drinking? Tea that is…


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This simply made my day! Pearl Fine Teas, in light of the upcoming presidential election, has developed two Presidential Teas. One in honor of Barack Obama and one in honor of John McCain. I thought I would share a little information about both of them with you from Pearl Fine Teas.

Drink for Change (Obama Blend)

“Let me be absolutely clear, this organic African Red Bush Rooibos based tea is a mix of herbs with hints of Hawaiian fruit. It’s smooth, fresh and lacks bitterness. Environmentally friendly, unexpected, and a little left of center. Contributes to your overall well being and Health(care).”

Sip to unwind after reading the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or watching the Stock Market.


Extra-Mavericky (McCain Blend)

“My friends, this robust classic Black Tea is bold, assertive, has a hint of smoke and is highly caffeinated. A great kick start to the day or a power boost in the afternoon. It’s fundamental difference is that it stands up to cream, sugar (and the Senate). You’ll either like it or you won’t.”

Sip while reading the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or following the market.

Both blends are available for a limited time only. Orders can be placed between now and November 4th. Tea will deliver the week of the Inauguration in January 2009.  In addition, 10% of each sale will go to the Washington Humane Society.  Thanks Pearl Fine Teas for introducing tea to the Election frenzy!

Oh yeah… please on November 4, 2008, don’t forget to vote!

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