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Occasionally I am asked by Jacoba of Just Food Now, to pair a good tea with one of her scrumptious desserts. Recently we collaborated on Habshi Halwa, a dessert native of India.

The rich, syrupy sweetness of Habshi Halwa deserves a strong black tea sweetened moderately with sugar. My recommendation? Mountain Malt from the Gingia Estate in Assam, India sold by The Simple Leaf. The strength of Mountain Malt could stand up against the decadence of Habshi Halwa without being overpowered.  The various spices contained in this dessert would certainly be complemented by the malty flavor of Moutain Malt. Maltiness is a customary characteristic of teas from Assam, India.

I thought you would enjoy more details about Habshi Halwa. Those details are included below from Just Food Now:

“Certainly the best of the best Indian sweet, made from caramelized milk, sugar, ghee and wheat flour it is the supreme ruler of Halwa.  They are juicy with more flavour than is believable in one sweet – an absolute treat! Almonds, cashews or pistachios are combined in a thick stiff bechamel type base and raisins, cardamom, saffron, mace or nutmeg turn this halwa into the superior sweet treat that it is.  I prefer the ones that are not so sweet so that the tastes can come through freely since I find the other kind, the sweet kind simply too sweet.”

If Habshi Halwa has peaked your interest, check out Just Food Now for more desserts native to India. I chose Mountain Malt Tea to pair with Habshi Halwa. What would be your choice?


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My first glimpse of Ebie’s Almond Tart had me drooling. A lover of rich desserts, the simple yet decadent ingredients had me longing for a taste. I appreciated Jacoba, the writer of Just Food Now, for sharing this wonderful recipe with me. (Click on the link – there are additional almond recipes.)

Of course never one to think about dessert without thinking about tea, I thought… “What tea would I pair with this dessert?” My choice – White Peony by Pearl Fine Teas.

Below is the recipe and some commentary from Jacoba herself about Ebie’s Almond Tart:

“I am going to supply this recipe exactly as it appears in her very old, already disintegrating, handwritten book, but am converting quantities to metric ones for ease of reference.

Line a deep tart tin with sweet pastry and spread with apricot jam. Half fill with a mixture made as follows:

  • Beat 125 grams of butter with 125 grams of sugar
  • Add 4 large eggs one at a time 
  • Stir in 125 grams of ground almonds
  • Add a pinch of salt.

That was it!!!  Bake Ebie’s Almond Tart in a preheated oven on 190 C for 30 – 40 minutes.”

So you ask… why White Peony? While White Peony is flavorful it is a White Tea and thus is significantly milder than a black or green tea. Thus the taste of the tea will not overpower the taste of the almond tart.  Simultaneously, the natural sweetness of White Peony allows one to enjoy a cup without the addition of sweetener.

Now it’s your turn… What tea would you pair with Ebie’s Almond Tart?

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