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I went the entire weekend without drinking a cup of tea. How horrible! Let me assure you, it was not by design as I have been thinking about tea all weekend long. I was simply too busy to stop and brew a cup. Whenever, I don’t have a cup of tea, I realize that I need to better manage my responsibilities. Somehow, my life is “Topsy-Turvy” to steal a line from Dr. Seuss… or was it Amelia Bedelia.

Tea requires that one stop what they are doing and take a moment to relax. Brewing a cup of tea can take me at least 30 minutes, sometimes longer.  I contemplate my mood. Determine the tea I want to drink that best suits my mood. Boil the water then let it cool a breath. Steep the tea leaves. Then drink while reflecting on all the wonderful flavors I’m discovering within my cup of tea. And then… I normally opt for at least one more infusion.

When I don’t have a cup of tea, I haven’t taken time for me. I haven’t relaxed my mind, my body, or my spirit. When I don’t have a cup of tea I am usually overwhelmed by too many demands. Monday… I will have a cup of tea. That is my promise to myself.


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