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With the weather unpredictable – 80 degrees one day and 69 degrees the next – I believe my body is totally confused. What makes matters worse is the HVAC system at work or whoever is responsible for maintaining the correct temperature balance within the building. Thus far… it’s not working. I spend all day every day freezing. So to comfort me, I turn to a hot cuppa tea for warmth. Today’s choice? Organic Detox Infusion.

Composition: Organic peppermint, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic spearmint, organic licorice root, organic red clover flowers, basil.

Dry Visual: Very green like fresh cut grass with various flecks of color. As this is loose tea in a silk sachet it is difficult to see more than the green tea leaves. Thanks Mighty Leaf for the picture.

Dry Aroma: Wonderfully minty. I love the smell of mint.

Flavor: This is where Organic Detox Infusion becomes quite interesting. The dominant flavor is mint which happens to be my favorite when drinking herbal teas. However, the finish has more of a vegetal taste. To be clear – not vegetal like green tea, but vegetal nonetheless. I believe it is the basil that provides the vegetal taste along with a hint of clove.

According to Mighty Leaf Tea, licorice is an ingredient in Organic Detox Infusion. Ironically, I do not like licorice flavoring. Thus imagine my surprise when after drinking half the cup, I was unable to detect its presence. Naturally sweet, no sweetener was required.

Organic Detox Infusion brews a good, full-bodied cup of tea. The liquor fills the mouth when drinking. 

Liquor: Not quite amber, but a rich reddish brown.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 5 minutes. I brewed for the recommended 5 minutes.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: No.

Organic Detox Infusion is a complex herbal tea meshing a variety of flavors into one of their patented biodegradable tea bags. If you have enjoyed a cup of Organic Detox Infusion, stop by and share your experience. If not, feel free to share your favorite herbal tea. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!

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What a slacker I have been… no new tea for the past few days. Just enjoying the old faithful teas. Of course today I promised myself that I would brew something new. After sorting through my secret stash of tea, I opted for the convenience of loose leaf tea in a silk sachet.  Orange Dulce was my choice.

Composition: A blend of Ceylon and Chinese black tea with green tea, natural citrus flavors/bergamot, natural flavors, and jasmine flowers.

Dry Visual: A loose tea contained in a silken sachet – it was difficult to get an k texcellent visual of this tea other than the incredibly dark and twisted black tea leaves of medium size.

Dry Aroma: Very aromatic, the jasmine and citrus stand out to me with subtle hints of vanilla.

Flavor: A very flavorful yet mild and creamy black tea – the aroma and flavor are in direct contrast. While Orange Dulce carries a distinct aroma with strong citrus and Jasmine notes, I believe the blending of green and black teas create a complex yet milder taste. In addition the orange and citrus flavors add a mild sweetness whereas the vanilla brings a creamy full-bodied texture to the tea. During the second infusion, I could distinctly taste the floral notes from the jasmine. I tasted Orange Dulce both with and without sweetener and must say that I prefer to drink with sweetener – today’s choice Sugar-In-The-Raw.  

Liquor: A dark brew resembling a rich chestnut brown.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 4 minutes.  I brewed for the recommended 4 minutes during the first infusion and 7 minutes during the second.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: Yes.

Orange Dulce is truly a unique flavored tea. It provides an alternative to black tea for someone seeking a change of pace. Some might even classify Orange Dulce as a dessert tea based upon its sweetness. If you have the opportunity to taste, I would love to hear about your experience.  Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!

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With so many teas to choose from, I often find it difficult to decide what to drink next. Today, I didn’t feel like washing the tea infuser that comes with my new tea cup. Thus, no loose tea for me. That is until I remembered I had Chamomile Citrus in my cute lunch bag that was transitioned into a tea tote. Chamomile Citrus, a “handcrafted silken pouch packed with artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, and herbs”.

Composition: Rosehips, orange peels, chamomile flowers, lemon grass, lemon myrtle, nana mint, hibiscus flowers, natural citrus flowers, natural flavors

Dry Visual: Chamomile Citrus is a loose tea in a silken tea bag as seen in the picture I pulled from the Mighty Leaf website. The visual was not as clear as I would like, but this tea resembled potpourri – full of greens, yellows, reds, and orange.

Dry Aroma: A very dominant citrus smell.

Flavor: Chamomile Citrus is a wonderful blend of chamomile and fruit. I typically am not a big fan of herbal fruit teas, but Chamomile Citrus is the exception to the rule. No one flavor dominates this brew – they each co-exist in perfect harmony. Naturally sweet, you can enjoy Chamomile Citrus either with or without sweetener. Today, I choose to enjoy without.

Liquor: Not quite peach, not quite amber, not quite rust, but somewhere in between.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 5 minutes.  I brewed for the recommended 5 minutes.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: No.

What is Nana Mint and Lemon Myrtle?

Mentha spicata (Nana Mint, Spear Mint or Spearmint; syn. K. burkhardtis) is a species of mint native to much of Europe and southwest Asia, though its exact natural range is uncertain due to extensive early cultivation. It grows in wet soils. Backhousia citriodora (common names lemon myrtle, lemon scented myrtle, lemon scented ironwood) is a flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, genus Backhousia, native to subtropical rain forests of eastern Australia. Indigenous Australians have long used lemon myrtle, both in cuisine and as a healing plant.

Chamomile Citrus is delicious. A great summer tea that I believe can be enjoyed as an iced tea as well – I’m thinking with a healthy orange slice floating in the glass. Not to mention, the lack of caffeine makes Chamomile Citrus great for drinking in the late afternoon and evening hours.

Until my next review… Happy Tea Drinking!

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Backhousia citriodora. (2008, July 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 16:54, August 21, 2008, from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Backhousia_citriodora&oldid=227347326

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In the mood for something new and refreshing, I decided to brew and sample Green Tea Tropical. I have been drinking so much white tea that I was in need of a change – fast! Nothing is more exciting than trying a new brew! Tea that is…

Composition: A Chinese green tea blend with pineapple, guava, and flowers.

Dry Visual: Green Tea Tropical is a loose tea in a silken tea bag. Check out the picture I pulled from the Mighty Leaf website – isn’t that teabag pretty cool looking! The visual was not as clear as I would like, but this tea was a burst of color – predominantly green with reds, blues, and yellows interspersed.

Dry Aroma: Absolutely delicious! If I could eat the dry tea leave whole I would if the taste equalled the smell…

Flavor: Stronger than I anticipated, Green Tea Tropical did not have the vegetal taste that accompanies many green teas. Very robust the tropical flavors of pineapple and guava are predominant in this brew with more subtle floral hints. Green Tea Tropical was accompanied by a tartness that required the addition of a sweetener to round out. My sweetener of choice was Sugar In The Raw – I did not want to alter the taste by using honey. Perhaps if brewed for slightly less time than the recommended time the tartness would be less pronounced. 

Liquor: A rich amber.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 3 minutes.  I brewed for the recommended 3 minutes.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: Yes

Minus the tartness, Green Tea Tropical is a fantastic summertime tea. I look forward to the opportunity to brew and drink as an iced tea. Possibly even serve with a slice of fresh pineapple floating in the glass. This would no doubt transport me to a tropical paradise.

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My latest tea experience was Okayti Darjeeling Autumn Flush Oolong I received as a swap from Jessica of Authori+ea. Thanks Jessica! Sadly, this wonderful tea has been sitting in my tea stash for over a month waiting for me to brew and sample. With great anticipation, I steeped in my new mug from Sur La Table. Yes, the mug I have yet to take pictures of and post – sometimes I move at a snails pace. Not intentionally, just too many things to do. Enough of my ramblings… let’s talk tea.

Composition: According to the packaging, artisan whole leaf black tea blend. This darjeeling tea is grown in the high altitude Himalayan foothills.

Dry Visual: Earthy mix of greens, browns, and tan. The leaves appear to be broken. Thanks Mighty Leaf for the wonderful picture.

Dry Aroma: Slightly woodsy 

Flavor: Fantastic! Naturally sweet, I almost ruined the natural flavor by adding a sweetener prior to tasting. Thank goodness I stopped myself! Okayti Darjeeling Autumn Flush Oolong has a light feel in the mouth – very clean with no dryness. If you want to add sweetener you can, but it is not necessary.

Liquor: Deep amber, almost rust.

Brewing Time: Recommended brewing time is 3 – 5 minutes.  I decided to brew for 4 minutes.

Manufacturer: Mighty Leaf Tea

Caffeine: Yes

Okayti Darjeeling Autumn Flush Oolong is great tea for Oolong drinkers. It was simply delicious and a welcome diversion from the world of flavored teas. If you get a chance to try it, return and comment. Until then… Happy Tea Drinking!

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